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Career Prospects in Hospitality Industry
  • 1. Tourism & Hospitality are like two feathers of single bird. Therefore, both Tourism & Hospitality are keenly associated with each other as one Industry. This industry around the World is in urgent need of trained professionals. According to sources, there is an urgent need of more than three lakh trained professionals for recruitment in the Tourism &Hospitality Industry around the World. The demand is growing steadily from year to year. As against such ever growing demand, only about 30,000 trained professionals are passing out presently from the exiting Institutions in India.
  • 2. Considering such huge gap between demand and supply of trained professionals in the Tourism & Hospitality industry, IMB applied to the Department of Tourism & Culture, Government of Odisha in May 2013 seeking its permission to establish a newSchool of Hospitalityat its permanent site.In response to its application, the Department of Tourism &Culture deputed a team of experts to inspect the facilities available in IMBCampus at GyanVihar.Being thoroughly satisfied with the infrastructure facilities readily available at a permanent site, the State Government were pleased to accord its permission for opening a 3-year degree course leading to award of Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Services under the aegis of Utkal University of Culture with 60 annual intake, to start with.
  • 3. While IMB was busy ingetting itself fully equipped with the State-of-the-Art technology for imparting meaningful professional skill to its trainees, the University Grants Commission, Government of India issued a set of newguidelines to all Universities in India to run every professional degree course for a duration of 4 years in place of 3 years as hitherto followed. Accordingly, theUtkal University of Culture was directed by the UGC to bifurcate the aforesaid 3-year Degree Course in Tourism & Hospitality Services into 2 distinct disciplines leading to award of 2 separate Degrees as under
  • 4. In pursuance of the above, the UTKAL UNIVERSITY OF CULTURE convened a meeting of all Directors/Principals of its affiliated Colleges to inform the aforesaid UGC guidelines in the said meeting held on 18th May 2015 and to instruct all those present in the meeting to follow the same with immediate effect and accordingly, admit fresh students in both the Degree Courses within the approved intake for the ensuing academic session: 2015-16.
  • 5. In accordance with the new guidelines of UGC, the Management of IMB thought it desirable and expedient to redraft a new BROCHURE trying to make it as informative as possible so that the aspiring students should not be confused regarding the aforesaid 2 different Degree Courses which are interlinked with each other. Once they clear their mind relating to future prospect in these two professional fields, they can easily take right decision as to choice of their futurecareer depending on their own aptitude and inborn/ inherent skill to hone the skill for up-gradation during the career progression. Therefore, before seeking admission, one must be fully aware that the aforesaid two different courses lead to specialization mainly in the following 4 areas of job opportunities after passing out successfully.
    1. Specialization in Hotel Management mainly includes, Front Office Management, Accommodation Management and House-keeping Operation Management.
    2. Specialization in Catering Technology mainly includes, Food Production, Food & Beverages services and Event Management.
    3. Specialization in Tourism Management mainly includes Tourism Promotion, Tourism Marketing, and Tourists' hospitality and entertainment by all possible means.
    4. Specialization in Travel Management mainly includes Ticketing management, Tour Operation Management, Expertise in guiding the Tourists up to the fullest satisfaction.
  • 6. Considering the immense job opportunities lying ahead not only in India but also globally, the IMB Management sincerely wish to advise the aspiring students to build their future in a professional line instead of wasting their valuable time in pursuit of general studiesafter which the opportunities for employment are virtually nil in the present job market.
  • Finally, the students aspiring to build their future career in any one of their choicest areas are advised to visit IMB Web site: and download the APPLICATION FORMFOR PROVISIONAL ADMISSION in order to comply with the required formalities early. After going through the Brochure, if you find any interest in joining IMB School of Hospitality to build your future career in preference over others, then simply send SMS to Cell No. 9437749474/9090080884 or directly talk in the same our Administrative-cum-Academic Coordinator tosend you a copy of the BULLETION along with APPLICATION FORM in your addressby post at free of cost as soon as possible.
Admission Notice
  • For details simply send SMS to Cell No. 9437749474/9090080884 for obtaining printed copy BROCHURE along with the Form of Application for Provisional Admission ( At free of cost )